About Me

img_5247-5Welcome to my blog chronicling the renovation of our quirky row house in South Philadelphia.

My husband, Scott and I fell in love with the house as soon as we saw it (despite the ugly wall paper, crumbling plaster walls and hideous mismatched carpeting). Unlike many row houses in South Philly this one had many windows, a large living room and huge bedrooms. We were enamored with the curved plaster wall on the second floor hallway and the trapezoid shape of the house. We purchased the house in 2007 and since then we have been slowly and lovingly restoring the house to its original glory. Most of the work on this house has been done by us. It is hard to imagine this house ever being “done”. It seems that whenever we are “done” with a room I get the urge to change things around.

Since buying the house we’ve had two kids, Kiran and Jai, who have considerably slowed down our renovation energy!

What Else?

I always get asked what I really do: I am an attorney working at a mid sized law firm in Philly.  I enjoying being an attorney and I really enjoy going to Court and arguing cases.  I also love being a mother, I love living in the city, and I love design! I enjoy cooking, cleaning, hanging out at home, and reading.  Luxury to me is having the time to enjoy my family and home.

Do you have a question?

Email me at madie@southphillyrenovation.com


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