Kiran’s Room Update

The last time I posted pictures of Kiran’s room he was still in what is now Jai’s Room.  We tried having Jai and Kiran share a room.  But that didn’t work out.  Kiran wanted his own space so we moved him upstairs to what used to be the third floor guest room. The only drawback to this arrangement is that there isn’t a bathroom on the third floor.  Our long term goal is to add a full bathroom and  a green house room which would open up to a small deck.  I blogged about a deck waaaaay back in 2010.  We are currently only using one third of the floor space available on the third floor.  The rest of the third floor overlooks the flat roof above Jai’s room.  Many old row houses here were build like a” layer cake” where each floor over the ground floor was set back to maximize light.  Anyway I regress….

To maximize the space we bought the Stora loft bed.  Under the bed we created a reading nook with an old bookshelf, a large cushion, lots of pillows and blankets.  We mounted a reading light and added a vintage lamp for a softer light. On a whim I decided to install unused curtain rods and hung old curtains around the bed to create a cozy living space underneath the loft.


We hung a curtain of string lights under the bed.  I love how string lights can turn even the most nondescript space into something magical.


Kiran was very excited to get his own desk after sharing an art table with Jai.  We built a desk with Ikea  Alex drawers and Lerberg metal trestle legs.  We mounted a light on the wall so that Kiran would have more desk space.


I think that it is important to decorate children’s rooms with beautiful and quality items. Kiran has one vintage wool kilim rug and a vintage flat-woven wool rug in his reading nook. These rugs are beautiful and very easy easy to spot clean.  Also as they are vintage and dyed using natural dyes they don’t emit any horrible chemicals like most new rugs. Kiran has several very low maintenance plants in his room.  He isn’t very good about watering them but I am hopeful that he will start watering them more regularly.

Kiran+ Jai love looking at photographs of themselves and us.  We’ve filled Kiran’s wall with photographs and art work that he had made over the years.


The narrow shelf next to the loft bed is small enough to fit an alarm clock, a book and a few knick-knacks.  The Ikea light is great for reading and small enough to fit in the tight space over the bed.


The Trones shoe boxes from Ikea (which I forgot to photograph) under the coat rack is the perfect storage space for Kiran’s shoes.  Now Kiran’s shoes have a place and his clothes and bags have a space off the floor.


Having a designated space for Kiran + Jai to put their things away eliminates me having to tell them what to do.  I am still working on having them put away their laundry.  I find that they are more likely to put things away when they see us doing it as opposed to us telling them what to do.

We often spend our evenings in this room.  Kiran will draw, assemble outfits or do his homework at the desk. Scott and I read with Jai in the reading nook before Jai goes to bed.

My long term goal for this room (I have many  goals for this house) is to push up the ceiling which was dropped by the previous owners.  I would like to build a small bookshelf over the loft bed and also give Kiran a little bit more space to sit up in bed as he is growing really fast.


Third Floor Overhaul.

So it took us almost five years from when we first bought the house and the impending arrival of a new baby to motivate us to remove the old carpets from the third floor.  While the carpets weren’t old when we moved in they nevertheless were not attractive.  Carpets are just not my thing.  Especially old carpets really gross me out.

We discovered that there were old pine wood floors under the carpet and layers of linoleum.  I had no idea what condition the wood is in.  Nevertheless hoping for the best we hired someone to refinish the 100 year old pine sub floor.

We  moved everything out of the third floor (by we I of course mean Scott).  I felt totally incapacitated not being able to paint, move furniture or do any other type of renovation.  I was dying to paint the third floor but I’ve been advised it is best to avoid paint fumes when pregnant.  I decided to hire someone to paint the third floor and I was shocked to realize how much painters charge.  Scott and I painted the whole house ourselves and we were totally clueless as to how much money we saved by doing it ourselves!

Here are the “After” pictures of the third floor bedroom (used previously as an office room) and Hallway.  The floors look amazing.  I am really pleased with the way the third floor turned out.

The paint is Benjamin Moore Aura, Tropical dusk in Matte.  The butterfly chair was moved here from the living room.  The rugs are a Turkish Kilim runner and Persian rug purchased a while ago on eBay.

The Mid-century credenza is from eBay (a birthday gift to Scott).

The hallway is painted in Benjamin Moore Aura, Moonlight White, Matte.  This runner was also purchased on eBay a while ago.


Here’s what the room looked like after we moved everything out:

I had already painted the doors in Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Chalkboard paint.

Here’s a close up of the hallway of what the floor underneath the carpet looked like.

Under the carpet we found an old Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper from 1960.


I will post some pictures of the new office room on the third floor soon.

Office Room

Office Room

The “office room” is a very long and narrow room on the third floor. This floor has two rooms and these were the only rooms in the house that were decent, when we bought the house. Now I think these rooms are the worst. We haven’t done anything to these two rooms other than put some furniture in them. The second room on the third floor is the guest room. It is tiny.

In this picture you can see the fabulous chair I bought on ebay. It looks great and is very comfortable.

The cactus is 10 years old! We bought it as a tiny little plant when we first moved to Philly. I sort of injured him (yes it is a “he”) while moving him upstairs and I hope he lives. Kiran kept playing with him so he (the cactus) had to be moved.