Second Floor Bathroom Update.

I realized that I haven’t posted any good pictures of the second floor bathroom.  Yes the bathroom is very pink!  Instead of trying to hide the pink we decided to embrace it and go a step further, with the mint green walls.  Since my earlier post I have been working on little things on the bathroom.  We had to re-grout the tub, replace the stems of the faucet and do a few other not so exciting things.  I have added more pictures all in black frames which I think was necessary to minimize the pinkness of the room.  The only thing left for us to do in the bathroom is remove the old sink and install a new sink, faucet and cabinet. 
This is what you see when you open the bathroom door:

To the right of the door to the bathroom (below) is a little nook with the sink and a cabinet below the sink which also has two drawers.  Because there was hardly any space for toiletries we installed this shelf to the right of the nook.  Please excuse the wiered angle of the picture. I was trying to take a picture that looked decent without me being in it.

The pictures are vintage prints that I framed.  The light fixture and towel rod are from Restoration Hardware.  The shelf is from Ikea.  The flowers are from my stoop.

To the left of the nook we installed a magnifying mirror which we found at a yard sale (below). 

This picture below shows the main wall in the bathroom.  To the right is the bath and to the left is a huge window which faces south.  I keep rotating my plants in here.  I love succulents but the humidity is a little too much for them.  I think that I have finally found the right plants for this spot.

I have a bunch of vintage candle holders over the heater cover (below).  The heater cover was in pretty bad condition but we primed and painted it white and it is really convenient and hides the ugly radiator.  To the right of this picture is our linen closet.  I love my petite chandelier which was a total score on eBay.

This is what you see when you leave the bathroom (below).   The sink nook is to the left and the bathroom leads out to the second floor hallway.

The bathroom, like the rest of the house, has a strange layout but we’ve made the space work for us.


I am over this house! (not really).

The back yard

I should be relaxing in my back yard but I am not!

Sometimes I feel like I spend every waking minute, at some level, thinking about what needs to be done on the house.  This combined with my slight obsessiveness  makes it really hard for me some times to just relax at home.  This seems absurd because I used to be the type of person who wanted to always relax, read and enjoy my home.  I am not sure if everyone who buys a house gets house-nuts or whether it is just me.

Last summer I loved my backyard…this summer not so much.  This is mainly because I hate the slope of the yard and now I’m obsessing over what I need to do to it…slate tiles, break the concrete and pour new concrete and level it, etc.  The previous owners in an (overzealous) effort to keep water away from the house inclined the yard at such a steep pitch that it slants sharply away from the house.  Therefore everything always looks crooked…no matter what I do!

It surprises me when is people come over and don’t notice the slope…is it all in my head? When did I decide that things had to be so perfect? I used to love old imperfect things. When we bought this house I fell in love with it because it alluded to grandness in its past lives in a very atypical row house sort of way. I really wanted to restore it to its original grandness but keep all the personality.  Well now somehow I have entered a house renovation world where I embrace the imperfections but at the same time need everything that we do to be perfect. I am not sure if I could ever reconcile these two emotions. I am making a pact with myself that from today onwards I will make more of an effort to just let things go (just a little).

I will leave you with this picture of my back yard:

P.S. Look closely and you will see that everything slopes to the left.