Do I need another lamp?

I love these E27 pendants, designed by Mattias Ståhlbomand.  I love the colors and I love the fact that they are so colorful yet so simple.

I am tempted to buy one of these even though I have no idea where I could us it.  My resolution lately has been to only buy things after carefully planning and deciding where I could use the item.  I do make exceptions for things that are absolutely fabulous…then I buy them even if I have no use or space for them!  These lamps don’t get me that excited, so for now (sigh) I won’t be buying one.  I will however keep scrutinizing each room to figure out where I could use a E27 pendant. 

Orange Stapler Lust.

Saying orange is my favorite color is an understatement.  I seem to have over the years collected a lot of orange things.  It was never a conscious decision and until recently I didn’t even realize that I had a lot of orange objects.

Anyway I just saw this orange Swingline stapler at cb2.  What a beauty!  It’ll look great on my desk in my  room.

This is just an object of lust right now because we are saving up for some major renovations.  The stucco in the back (surrounding my room) will be removed and replaced with new stucco.  Also the bricks on the front and side of the house will have to be repointed soon.  Sigh…but I really like this stapler…