Second Floor Hallway.

We have been working on removing the wallpaper on the second floor hallway.  Once all the wallpaper is removed (which is a never ending process because there are multiple layers of wallpaper and the walls are about 11 feet high) we have to repair the plaster.  We have removed one small area of the wallpaper and this is what the wall looks like:

The plaster is in pretty bad shape and we need to repair all the walls in the hallway.  It looks like the previous owners attempted to “fix” the crumbling plaster by slapping on many layers of wallpaper.  Also this hallway has a beautiful curved wall so I think that this is one project that will last through the fall (at least).  What is really cool about this plaster is that it has horse hair mixed into it.  Yes your read correctly! Apparently this was very popular back in the day.  To find out more about the fascinating history of of plaster in old buildings click here.

Once of the first things that I did after buying the house was to buy rolls of black and white damask wallpaper.  I fell in love with the curved wall in the hallway and I couldn’t wait to get the new wallpaper up.  Now almost three years after buying the house I am finally close to getting a black and white hallway.  This is what the hallway looked like when we first bought the house:

This is what it looked like after we removed the carpet and refinished the floors: