Bathroom (upstairs)

When we bought the house, the upstairs bathroom had pink tiles (!) and looked really dreary. I was told that the tiling in the bathroom was “excellent” and that it would cost a lot to demo the original tiles which were set in cement. So we kept the pink tiles. I decided to go with the pastel theme and we painted the walls a mint green color. While the mint green did liven up the bathroom the color combination looked a little “southbeach-ish” according to my husband. So I added some black and white pictures in black frames to give the room some depth. I bought the layer cake chandelier on ebay for about $30. We painted the ceilings in high gloss paint so the ceiling glistens at night when the light is on.

The bathtub had really ugly doors on it. We recently removed the doors and I installed a shower rod with this fabulous shower curtain (Marimekko print).

This is the linen closet in the bathroom:

I love having a window in the bathroom. This window faces south so the bathroom is always drenched in sunlight. This is a picture of the window sill in the bathroom:

The picture below shows the bathroom after we had painted it but with the shower doors and original light fixture.


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