This is what the back yard looked like a couple of weeks ago during the snow storm. Our back yard is a tiny city cement plot. It looked totally magical. Most of my plants in the “garden” are perennials, evergreens or other cold hardy varieties. I don’t really like annuals as much because it is so sad when they die after the season. I really like to keep my plants alive. We’ve had some of our indoor plants for over fifteen years.

I want the backyard to feel like an extension of the house. This is what I want my back yard to look like this summer:

I have some wrought iron patio furniture that we picked up at a thrift store in Pennsylvania. I want to re-upholster a set of cushions that go on the love seat. I have been trying to buy outdoor fabric in a geometric pattern but I haven’t found anything that I like that’s not ridiculously expensive. So I’ve decided to buy six yards of fabric (three yards per cushion) from Ikea and sew some slip covers. I’ve never done any sewing other than hemming a few things so I am not sure what the covers will look like. The way I see it anything will be an improvement over the blue floral cushions that are currently on the love seat. I bought two yellow lounge chair cushions (made from Sunbrella fabric) last year for the two side chairs last year which are great. I love all the fabric in the pictures below:

I would love to be able to hang a chandelier outside like the picture below:


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