The Kitchen window

This is the window in the kitchen. The rest of the kitchen needs work. We are working on re-grouting and sealing the kitchen tiles. I really want the kitchen to be done. I love to cook and ever since we started the kitchen project I haven’t been cooking. I need a clean and beautiful space to cook! I will post more pictures once the grouting is done. This is the view from the kitchen into my room.

The kitchen needed the least amount of work when we bought the house. The cabinets had brass hardware which I switched out for silver hardware from Home Depot. Other than that I changed the light fixture and painted the kitchen in Ultra Pure White from Behr in high gloss. The kitchen like the rest of the house gets tons of light and it is very cheerful.

I love the fact that the kitchen is separate from the rest of the house. We do a lot of cooking so having an open floor plan would have meant that the grease from the cooking would get on everything. I also like the fact that the kitchen is small. It is really hard to clean a large kitchen, especially if it is used all the time.


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