Planning Kiran’s Birthday.

I know that Kiran is not going remember or care about his first birthday. But I want him to have a fabulous day and learn to enjoy the simple things in life. I feel that we, as a society, put a lot of emphasis on gifts, events, etc. for our kids’ birthdays. I want to make him feel extra special during his birthdays but without him needing things to make him feel special. When I was growing up in Holland our dutch friend’s would decorate their kid’s chairs with lots of fun things and allow the kids to sit at the head of the table. They kids were always excited by this (including me) and it made me feel very special. They did give gifts but it wasn’t like the extravagant gifts that kids here get.

I am not sure how I am going to decorate his little high chair. Instead of balloons I want to hang paper daisies, similar to what was done here:

This way I can re-use them for all our parties and they look much nicer than balloons. I will probably get green and orange paper daisies. Re-using after all is the best recycling.


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