Work, work, work.

I guess I unofficially took some time off from blogging. Well, things have just been a little crazy. I am super busy at work. On top of that I am supposed to be planning Kiran’s birthday and we are also installing the baseboard molding in the living room and dining room. Our house has so many corners that the baseboard molding has been taking forever. As far as Kiran’s party goes so far I bought some paper daisies (as decoration). I did buy some wine but we’ve finished a lot of it! So I really need to go back to the liquor store, figure out what food I am going to make, finish installing the baseboard molding, clean the house, buy something for Kiran to wear, and then cook everything by Saturday morning. This doesn’t include all the stuff I have to get done for work.

Paper daisies

I bought these paper daisies from here. The comforter cover is from Ikea and I bought is last week. I have been looking everywhere for an orange and white comforter cover and I was so excited to find this one and it was very cheap ($19.99 and includes two adorable pillow shams).

The picture below shows the living room wall without any baseboard molding. We had to remove the crumbling plaster walls in the living room and install dry wall with insulation.

This pictures below are of the dining room wall with baseboard molding. We were able to salvage the plaster walls in here. It took countless hours to repair the plaster but it is definitely worth it. I love these walls.

Without the top piece

With the top piece

We bought primed pine and the molding consists of three different pieces: the flat piece, a top piece and the quarter round on the bottom. Our friend lent us his nail gun so installing the baseboards took a lot less time than when we did Kiran’s room. We still have to install the molding in the master bedroom…maybe this will be another project (with the wallpaper) for the Fall. Hopefully, we will finish caulking the molding and painting the nail holes tonight. I need the house to be in order. The disarray is driving me nuts.


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