Front of the House.

It’s been a long time since I blogged last. It’s not that I have been busy renovating or having a hectic time at work…it is just that the weather has been so nice that I have been enjoying the beautiful days. I also went away to Austin on our first family vacation since Kiran was born. This is a picture of my friend Maza, Kiran and me on top of some mountain in Austin. I remember the roads were windy and I was hoping I wouldn’t get car sick so I wasn’t paying much attention to the name of the place. It was definitely beautiful. Maza when you read this please leave a comment about the name of this place.

So when we got back from our vacation, and I got out of the cab, I was first relieved that the house was intact and second I felt welcomed by our house. This is when I realized that I haven’t posted many pictures of the front of the house.

This is a picture of the front of the house. You can see the tree that the Passyunk Square Civic Association planted a year and a half ago. I was so scared that it would die because they planted it in the Fall of 2007 and it got really cold very fast that year. Needless to say the tree survived.

This is a close up of the tree:

This picture shows my new planter. I have been trying to decide what sort of arrangement of plants I should have in the front of the house. I couldn’t really come up with any plan so I decided that what I needed to do was just decide on at least one planter and that the rest will follow. I got this planter from Ikea for around $49. I planted a boxwood in it because it is an evergreen and requires minimal attention.

This is a picture of the house numbers. I bought talavera tiles and glued them on a wrought iron frame. The frame is attached to the brick with sinkers and screws. I had originally planned on gluing the numbers to the brick but I didn’t want to ruin the brick. I bought these numbers before we even closed on the house. It took us over two years to install them.

This is a view of the front door with a dragon fly knocker. This knocker was given to us as a gift by our friend Michelle a long long time ago in Texas. I was saving it for the right place and now it has found its home.


One thought on “Front of the House.

  1. Hi Madie,
    I love the pic, and I know the road to it was a little bit scary but this is what it’s called (Mount Bonnell). Everyone that comes to visit I take them there. It’s so beautiful and very peaceful.

    “One of Austin’s oldest tourist attractions, Mount Bonnell is also one of the highest points in the city—there is an incredible view of Lake Austin and the downtown skyline right by the picnic tables. Legend has it that the 99 steps to the top hold enchanting qualities: if a couple climbs the mount once, they fall in love, twice, and they become engaged; three times, and they are destined to be married.”

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