Sick of Being Sick!

I can’t believe that I am sick again. I seem to have been getting sick a lot lately. On Friday I found out that Jai had pink eye (he’s better now). On Friday evening I went to bed with a pounding headache, and congestion and I woke up at 3AM on Saturday with a sinus infection. I have had a cough for two months that just doesn’t seem to want to go away.  All this has resulted in me doing next to nothing on the house.  All my energy is taken up with work, spending time with Kiran and Jai in the evenings, cooking dinner, and putting them to bed.  After they go to bed I usually have work and email to catch up on.  Scott and usually sit around in the evenings with both of us doing work on our computers. 

We had our third floor office room and guest room painted almost a year ago.  While I managed to set up the bed in the guest room and make it nice (mainly because we have lots of guests visiting) I have hardly arranged anything in the office room.

This is what is the office room now (which used to be the guest bedroom).  Click here to see what the office room looked like before (when it was in what is now the guest room). 

It is basically a huge mess with papers everywhere.  I still love sitting at this desk, especially in the mornings, when the room in bathed in beautiful sunlight.  The drawings to the right were done by Scott’s mother in the 1970s in art class.  We found them all crumpled up in his Dad’s attic. 

At least the good thing about being sick today is I am getting lots of rest.  Jai is sleeping and Scott and Kiran are at the park.  Hopefully I can take a nap before Jai wakes up.


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