Limited Color Palette 2.

A while ago I blogged about Malene Birger’s amazing home in Mallorca. She has since then moved to London and her new home is just as fabulous as her Mallorca home.  The monochromatic palette emphasis the eclectic art and furnishings without the space looking cluttered.

I’m not sure how to describe her style: eclectic-nordic? The bed with the Moroccan wedding blanket and natural hued blankets is so inviting.


It must be so peaceful to relax in this living room. The combination of wood and leather with the vintage beni ourain Moroccan rugs is beautiful.


The layering of chrome and brass throughout this room is very cool.  The gold toned lamps, the chrome coffee table, the brass candle holders and the chrome arc light all work so well together.


I wish I could reach into this picture and unravel the fabric neatly stacked on the stool! I am obsessed with hand loomed slightly rough cotton and wool fabric. I am inspired to take my fabric out of the closet and stack them on a chair so that they can be appreciated daily.


All images via Elle Decoration Sweden


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