I’m not a minimalist.

Via emmas designblogg

Minimalist is not a word that describes me.  I am always striving to de-clutter and not acquire any junk.  However, I love the things I love and I love a lot of things.  I find that having beautiful things around me makes me happy.  I am never quite comfortable in minimalist spaces.  Another thing that doesn’t quite make me feel at ease is going to someone house and encountering a glass table.  A glass table is one of those things that doesn’t evoke the feelings of comfort and relaxation.  It just looks cold, gets dirty really fast and feels pretentious. I also don’t enjoy stark spaces devoid of any personal touches.   I enjoy  spaces without clutter but filled with color, streamlined furniture and full of personal flourishes.
This entryway pretty much sums up my sentiments.  While I may not necessarily pick the wallpaper or the stairway runner I love the way the patterns and colors all work together.   I especially love the Ikat bench.

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