Sometimes you need to hire professionals.

I have been working on re-upholstering this chair.  I started working on this chair about a month ago and then I ran out of staples and then I ran out of the motivation. Now I wish I had just taken the chair to get re-upholstered! You can see what this chair looked like in this picture (chair is to the left of the picture).

 I got the fabric from Ikea.  I love black and white fabrics and I have a small collection of Ikea fabric.  Sometimes when I am bored or if Scott is working late I get out the staple gun, pick out some fabric, and I start upholstering a chair or a stool that I either bought or picked up on the side of the road.  Clearly this is not a project that I should have started.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes you need to hire professionals.

  1. Hi Madie, love your vision for the chair. It will come together.

    Also, saw your house tour on AT. Where did you get that fabulous chandelier in the bedroom with the shoe shelf?

    I live in DC but adore the home decor shopping in Philly. Twist on South St. is one of my favorites.

  2. Ernestine: I bought the chandelier in our bedroom on eBay for $40. It had all the crystals but didn't have the socket covers. I bought some wax dipped socket covers online and replaced the canopy.

    I buy a lot of our furniture from huge warehouses in West Philly. They sometimes have amazing stuff. Also Uhuru on Spruce Street sometimes has great things.

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