Weekend Away.

Scott, Kiran and I went to New York City for a mini vacation.  We spent Saturday wandering around Central Park.  Kiran took his afternoon nap in his stroller and when he woke up he was just amazed (as probably most city kids would be) at the expanse of grass! We spent the rest of the day running around after Kiran and playing in the fabulous water park in Central Park.

Kiran in his Marimekko bathing suit.

I can’t help but compare how much my life has changed.  Before having Kiran, Scott and I would have probably spent the day scouring thrift stores, flea markets and antique shops for clothes, furniture and other random things.  Then we would have showered and gotten all dressed up for a night of diner, drinks and dancing.  Now we spend our days in NYC  jumping, running and getting wet in Central Park!

Not everything has changed however.  On Sunday morning we went to one of my favorite shops in NYC, Pearl River.  I love their ceramics.  I am not a fan of matching all my dishes, plates, and bowls so I have a random collection of dinnerware.  I have a small collection of mostly blue and white ceramics, with some colored pieces thrown in.  Here are some of my purchases:

I love the swirly designs on the bowls with the swirls on the fabric on the chair (below) and the color and design of this tablecloth which is a design by Liro A. Ahokas for Marimekko, called Kimara.

I wasn’t sure what I would I would do with this cup since I am not a big fan of cups without handles.  This cup however turned out to be the perfect size to hold pencils on my desk.

Here’s a small peek inside my kitchen cabinets filled with unmatched dinnerware:


2 thoughts on “Weekend Away.

  1. i love you guys and how your life has changed!!!
    i love too your collection of dinner and table ware- gorgeous!!!
    hey, can you please enable the “other” or “website” option for me to leave comments- i do not use my google- it is project that will not happen. i guess i do not have to explain. BIGLOVE and hugs!

  2. I've changed the settings so you should be able to leave comments without a google account! Yes life has changed…the thing about life is that it is so unpredictable. I've learned that the best thing to do is to do is to take the time to live each day as it unfolds…which it turns out is very hard to do when you live in a hundred year old house that needs lots of attention. I have to constantly tell myself that Kiran needs me and the house can wait.

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